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South Coast Data Protection Consultants Ltd, Christchurch, Dorset

Data Protection is not all about IT; it's about protecting you and your customers.

GDPR, DPA, PECR, FOI, E Privacy – Lots of letters but what is it all about?

It's not easy to understand all of the legislation relating to data protection, let alone apply it to your organisation in practical terms, especially if you don't have a great deal of time to devote to it.

We can help you understand what all the above initials stand for and can explain their impact in practical terms to assist you, whether that involves dealing with subject access requests, marketing, record keeping or any other process in your company.

Data protection legislation can just seem like more red tape, distracting you from the main purpose of your organisation and can lead to many confusing and frustrating hours for you and your staff. However, once compliant, your organisation will enjoy improved customer trust and confidence and will be protected from the reputational damage caused by fines and/or bad press as a result of non-compliance.

GDPR Data Protection Consultancy, Christchurch, Dorset

We can take away the hassle and the headache of data protection, so that you can focus on ensuring your organisation is running smoothly, keeping your staff, your clients and the regulator happy.


We offer a range of services including Data Protection Audits, Compliance Reviews, Bespoke Training, a Consultancy Service, GDPR Compliant Documents and we can even be your appointed Data Protection Officer, liaising with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and data subjects on your behalf.

We can remove the worry of data protection by providing sound advice and clear guidance to help you become compliant and stay compliant.

This in turn will help build and improve consumer confidence, instil a culture of compliance amongst staff within your organisation and reduce the risk of a personal data breach from occurring which will, of course, prevent you from being under the spot light of the regulator.

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South Coast Data Protection Consultants hold a range of Seminars and Events in relation to Data Protection in Christchurch, Bournemouth, Southampton and across Dorset and Hampshire.

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