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Data Protection Services

Full Data Protection Audit

We will carry out a full audit, involving a thorough investigation into how your organisation handles personal information. This will involve accessing all relevant documentation and conducting face-to-face interviews with  members of your staff.

Once completed, we will produce a detailed report containing recommendations for remedial action to ensure you achieve a thorough and comprehensive level of compliance.

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Data Protection Compliance Reviews

We risk assess the areas of your business which are most likely to breach the data protection requirements.

In doing so, we will undertake face-to-face meetings with key members of staff to ascertain any concerns and priorities and provide an overview report, making recommendations for remedial action in relevant areas of your operation.

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Policies and Procedures

We will assist your business in the preparation of data protection policies and procedures covering areas such as working from home, subject access requests, retention of data and breach management.

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Data Protection Training

We provide bespoke data protection training courses to all levels of your organisation to ensure compliance with legislative requirements.

We also offer specialist training for senior managers, who have increased responsibilities under the new law.

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Consultancy Service/Data Protection Officer

We will provide on-going advice and assistance to help you with data protection issues as they arise. For example, we will assist you with processing subject access requests, managing personal data breaches, conducting data protection impact assessments, dealing with complaints and liaising with The Information Commissioner’s Office and any other data protection matters.

Alternatively, we can act as your Data Protection Officer in order to continually assess and monitor compliance and provide advice and guidance.

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